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I am a spatial analyst at ILRI (international livestock research institute) based in Nairobi, Kenya, supporting the spatial modeling of the Livestock research program. I am particularly interested in using geographical information systems to combine biophysical and socio-economic data to support context specific decision making. For my post doc, I was a joint appointee with ILRI and IWMI (international water management institute) working on the Nile Challenge program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In that project I investigated how to out-scale and target innovative rainwater water management strategies. My PhD at Wageningen University assessed patterns of farm diversification in a Dutch landscape.
I have supported the creation of an agribusiness in Kenya, bringing improved chicken breeds to smallholders. I also contributed to the development of inside travel, an travel agency that unlocks tourism markets for rural communities in developing countries.

You can find all my publications, trainings and tool under the the material and output tag.

All opinions shared on this blog are personal and do not reflect the opinion of my current or former employer.

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  1. Hi Catherine, only now that you left I now a lot more about you and your work!? Very nice blog! Cheers, alexandra

  2. Mee too! Great to share with us! Bises, Olivier