Thursday, February 23, 2017

The charming feed trader!

In my last trip to Atsbi, Ethiopia, we decided to interview a feed retailer in Atsbi itsef. He was selling maize bran is locally sourced from Tigray.

sunflower seed cake
He also had cotton seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed and nug seed cake. Oil seed cakes are usually coming from Amhara region (South of Tigray) except the cotton that is grown in Tigray.
maize bran

cotton seed cake

He was mentioning that all price went up by 20% in the last month. He could not explain why. (but we know the African continent experiences a historic drought, so there must be a huge demand for livestock feed).
We also where wondering why customer would come to him rather to his competitor. He says that he can sell a whole range of concentrate, his competition would not have such a variety of products.
When we left him, we told him that we think all customer come to him, especially women, because he is such a charming men!
the feed retailer laughing at our explanation why people should buy from him...

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