Monday, October 17, 2011

GIS training for Agricultural Research Centers ONLINE

Some months ago, I reported from the GIS training that I developed in very close collaboration with ARARI (Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute). The training was a great success, mainly because practical trainings are rare in Ethiopia.
The training will be rerun twice in the next six months by the newly created Nile Authority. The whole training manual has been revised, and a trainers' manual has been developed,  so that GIS specialist can take the training over without needing to invest too much time.
But these trainings will never cover the whole GIS demand of the area. In combination, the participants' and the trainers' manual students who cannot joint a training, can discover GIS on their own.
The GIS training assumes that the participant has access to ArcGIS software, and a garmin GPS.
The training can be found under : 

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