Thursday, March 22, 2018

Who is getting more milk and eggs in East Africa?

In the Western world, there is a strong trend towards veganism. In that debate, people often forget that small amount of animal sourced food such as milk, eggs or meat, can be the difference between a healthy and productive lives for children in poor families in the developing world.

This is why we are trying to understand what the links between the livestock sector and child nutrition are and try to quantify how much livestock ownership does contribute to improved child nutrition.
Preliminary result shows that owning a cattle or goat increases the chance by 8% for a child in a poor household and owning chicken increases the chance of egg consumption by 2%.

This is on-going research, and therefore some strange results are presented here and where discussed during this internal presentation. So keep posted about the up-coming improvements. 


  1. Interesting. These are household level models? If so, I'd control for number of children, and other family members. I also wonder about your choice of travel time destination -- I'd think that local markets would be a more important reference than larger urban areas. If you used a local measure of population density, that might give you a better proxy for localized market access.

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