Friday, January 8, 2016

Recycling soils?

Recently, i have been looking into more soil and soil health, a quite complex topic. I have learned that soil is formed over years and needs to be managed well in terms of nutrients in order to not loose it fertility.

I have been quite fascinated by this news item on Swiss TV.

In Switzerland, when fertile land is build on, the soil has to be taken off layer by layer and brought to a location with degraded land. It is quite expensive measure to save fertile soils. Whereas some people find it a great idea, environmentalists find it an illusion. As soil is a result of a long lasting process, it will be discontinued when the soil is "moved".

For me it remains a quite amazing idea to move soils!


  1. I think that this is really interesting topic, which needs more profound research. Thank you for sharing the video! I hope that soon humanity will find the solution.

  2. I was reading about poor farmers in both Nepal and in the Andes of South America whose soil is often washed down to the lowlands. They routinely gather it up and using donkeys take it back up the mountain to their farms. Time consuming and hard work for mainly the women but effective. Not much choice really.