Monday, March 23, 2015

Where does our meat come from?

Just came across this movie from ZDF showing where our meat comes from. I guess the author of the movie wanted to scare people when they see how their meat is produced.

Yes i agree, the breeds we have been improving the get "our meat machine" where animals are just born to feed us, and have no right for quality of life can be shocking (but somehow was no news for me.)

I was much more interested into how slaughterhouse work, and how the animal end up on our plates. Under what conditions are animals slaughtered and how is food security and traceability insured.

And far from being shocked, i have been pretty astonished on how painlessly the animals are slaughtered. Most chicken in Kenya for example are slaughtered in backyard and just get their head cut in front of other chicken. Also hygiene is quite difficult to guarantee in backyard slaugthering and let's not even talk about the cold chain.

So have a look at this movie here (in German)


  1. Hi Catherine, thanks for your interesting blog.

    Have you ever considered blogging about "How Cutting Meat Consumption Can Feed Billions More"?

    What's your opinion on this subject?

    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Steven thanks for taking up this debate. Yes we can reduce meat consumption and i am sure it is a very healthy option for the developped world where too much meat is eaten. However, for the developing world, where smallholders lives below 2 usd a day, their nutrion is really bad threating their health. As much as i understand the impact of meat on the enviroment, I believe that African population has the right for health and a good nutrional state. This implies that availability of safe animal source food has to increase. This can be done by minimizing additonal pressure on the environment by improving the productivity of animal source production. When it comes about chicken, the Kuroiler breed seems to a very good option to reach this. Wanna have more information about this? check