Friday, January 30, 2015

Chicken run ! or why it is never too late to wish you a happy new year!

There has been quite a long silence on this blog, and it time to catch up and get back on track. Indeed the end of the year has been quite busy. It was a time full of interesting work and personal changes followed by a resting time, a long Christmas leave.

A leave for rest and reflection about the year 2014. It was an amazing year for me, my first year in Kenya. Firslty, work-wise i had a great oppotunity to visit farmers around the world. It was a fascinating experience to meet semi-pastoralist in Burkina and young farmer at the edge of the dairy industrialization in India. This blog reported from India and will with delay report from Burkina Faso.
rehabilitation of marginal lands in Burkina Faso to improve fodder along the transumance route
Secondly, it is a year i spent lots of thoughts into the role of GIS, real time crowed sourced spatial data or satellite images can contribute to better agricultural practice both in crop-livestock and pastoralism systems. 

Finally, there has been all the experience in contributing to Jolly Poultry a social enterprise bringing the Kuroiler breed to Kenyan smallholders. Kuroiler breed is a improved endogenous chicken that allow smallholder to commercialize but to industrialize. It is a great option to produce organic high quality poultry meat and make those farmer benefit that need it most. Many Sundays in 2014 were spent at the Jolly Farm making me feel a bit like in the chicken run movie.

In 2015, the Jolly team hope the develop this enterprise further and insuring the more smallholder can access the Kuroiler and develop its market.

We are already one month in 2015, but it is not yet too late to wish you a happy new year may it be  fascinating. I hope you will continue following this blog despite of the long silence over the last two months.


  1. What interested me is that "improved endogenous breed" for quality organic meat at commercial level. This experience should be copied and tasted in Ethiopia too. In Ethiopia, there is a high yielding local breed of chicken called "Tilily breed". This breed has a high potential for improvement and popularization.

    1. We are looking into it... but not yet so promising, you always need the right people on the ground...