Sunday, April 6, 2014

A 360 degree view on the Nile

Having worked in the Nile basin for two years on hydrology, i have slowly developed my own opinion about the Grand renaissance Dam on the Nile in Ethiopia. This blog has regularly commented news about the dam and tried to provide first hand information from the dam, where only very few people have been.

Obviously, this topic has attracted a lot of interest, as these posts are among the most read ones, but also people have contacted me for interviews. Here is one of the article for which i got the opportunity to share my vision. This is a nice report that looks at the dam from all side, well balanced, not taking side nor for the Egyptian nor for the Ethiopian, just trying to set the information right. A nice read!


  1. "Where very few people have been"?!? Does the thing build itself?

    1. I mean those people who talk about it in the press... most of them are talking of areas they have never seen... even worse most of them have never been in Ethiopia...