Monday, November 19, 2012

A sense of place, or why geography matters even more in a digital world

Last month the Economist made a special report on the role of geography in a digital world. It claims that geography has never been as important as now with the internet and shows the new opportunities of internet that make use of location.
It is an amazing overview about what is already possible today, and how both the developed and developing world will change with new applications of geography in the digital world.

"This simultaneously more localised and more globalised world will be more complicated than the world of old. Different rules will continue to apply to different countries’ bits of cyberspace. Gartner’s Mr Prentice thinks that three basic forces will shape the mobile internet, the transport of data across it and the content available on it: politicians’ demand for control; (most) people’s desire for freedom; and companies’ pursuit of profit. It is possible to imagine scenarios in which one of these forces comes out on top; for instance, a “Big Brother” state that keeps a close eye on the internet and determines who can do what on it. But it is more likely, says Mr Prentice, that different combinations of the three forces will prevail in different places."

Get convinced yourself and have a closer look at the Economist special report on location and technology :

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